Welcome to Our Tango Community!


Established by dancers Simona Zaino and Hernan Catvin in 2004, Compadrito Tango is a community group and dance school. It was set up in Ireland with the intent of offering people the opportunity to learn and dance Argentine Tango through a variety of event such as classes, milongas, workshops, festivals and more. We collaborate with local and international artists, all sharing the same passion for Tango, to bring you the best of Tango dance and music.

We offer you the authentic Argentine Tango experience and dispel the belief that Tango’s sensual and elegant movements can only be achieved by professional dancers. Our classes are taught by qualifed and experienced teachers and cater for dancers of all abilities and backgrounds, from two-left feet to dance fanatics and anything in between! Our timetable is flexible to suit even those with a busy schedule. We also keep the class size small (10-12 people) so we can give everybody individual attention and provide you with the best learning experience.

Our mission is to bring Argentine Tango off the stage and make it once again what it was in its origins: a social dance for people of all ages and backgrounds… in the real Buenos Aires spirit!

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