10 great reasons to learn Argentine Tango

Argentine Tango is a dance that instantly conjures up images of passion, drama and sensuality. Tango as a social dance originated in the border region between Argentina and Uruguay, in the late 1800s, probably a fusion between traditional African and European traditional dances. It has then evolved over the decades and is now danced by millions. Dancers of all nationalities gather every day at ‘milongas’ (tango clubs) around the world!

Not sure if Argentine Tango is for you? ..Here are 10 great reasons why you should learn Tango:

1. It’s a sensual, elegant and adaptable dance

There are many different styles of Tango ranging from gentle ‘close embrace’, to ‘salon’ style and ‘tango nuevo’ but all forms have an underlying sense of elegance, sensuality and playfulness about them. You will certainly find a style that suits your mood and personality!

2. It improves grace and posture

Argentine Tango’s style of walking and moving will enhance your posture and your balance and give you grace and poise. Good posture is great for your health ..and also for the look!

3. It’s a great and fun workout

Dancing Tango involves a lot of walking as well as movements of your hips, waist and legs. It’s a fantastic way to burn off calories while toning your body … Tango dancers are known to have a very attractive figure!

4. It promotes confidence and self expression

Argentine Tango is a true form of free artistic expression. Each dancer interprets the music in a very personal way. This will develop confidence on the dance floor and confidence to express yourself in your daily life too.

5. It reduces stress and lets you unwind

Dancing Tango can transport you to another place, a place where you don’t have to think about all the worries and burdens of your life. You focus on the music, your moves and your partner so you won’t have time to think about anything else!

6. You can begin dancing Tango at any age

You are never too young or too old to start dancing Tango. Because of the nature of the dance, you can chose a pace and style that you are comfortable with. Go for the fast dramatic style or the mellow and gentle one ..it’s up to you!

7. It is a dance that anyone can dance

It really doesn’t matter what shape or size you are or whether or not you have two left feet. Everyone can dance Tango! The base of Tango is about walking with grace and style while staying connected to your partner.For those that are too shy, Tango is just the type of subtle dance that you may have been looking for.

8. It can open up a whole new social life for you

The world of the Tango dancer can be a busy one, if you want it to be! You will meet a whole new circle of friends, from the initial dance classes and practices, to the milongas (tango clubs). Tango Festivals around the world are also an exciting way to travel and make friends easily in any country you may go to.

9. It can improve your relationship with your partner

It is proven that dancing Tango can bring couples closer together and help them work more in tandem with each other and trust each other more.

10. It is inexpensive

You don’t need any expensive clothes or equipment to dance Tango, just a good pair of shoes. (..of course, you can splash out on shoes and clothes, if you wish!). Our classes start from 10eur and this includes entrance to the Tango Club… There aren’t many other ways that you can socialise, have fun and get fit for less than that!


A short and fun introduction to Argentine Tango music

estilos de tango

para la gente que se esta integrando al tango , los invito a ver este video Breve cronología del Tango a manos del maestro Mario Marzán, mostrando los diferentes estilos y rítmos.

Posted by Bien Tanguero on Friday, 29 August 2014

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