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Compadrito was established in 2004 by teachers Simona and Hernan. The Tango school and community has grown significantly over the years thanks to their experience and passion.

Simona has a background in ballet (WhyNotdancecompany.ie) and modern dance (Koreshdance.org) and has also trained in the Laban techniques for movement. She studied Tango in Buenos Aires, her early maestros being Carlos & Maria Rivarola. She went onto perfecting her technique in Argentina with internationally renowned maestros Fabian Salas & Carolina del Rivero and Pablo Veron, with whom she partnered in 2005 in occasion of the International Tango Festival in Ireland. Simona is also a certified Yoga and Pilates instructor and regularly train in other dance styles. She is a member of the association of professional dancers in Ireland. Thanks to her knowledge of anatomy and theory of body movement, she has created a teaching methodology that allows her students to easily develop their Tango skills within a short period of time.

Hernan graduated in Dramatic Arts at The National Drama School, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2000, having studied theatre and dance since 1989. He has worked as Tango dancer, actor and theatre director on independent and commercial productions in Argentina and Ireland. He has furthered his Tango training in Argentina with maestros from the old and new generation and constantly look for new and creative ways to develop his dance style.

Hernan and Simona are highly experienced Tango instructors and enjoy sharing their passion for Tango dance. They regularly teach classes for social dancers (all levels) and have also trained professional dancers and even some Irish celebrities! Simona and Hernan have been teaching in Ireland, Italy, Spain, Germany, New Zealand and the U.S.A. Their teaching style is highly appreciated for the clarity and precision as well as the individual attention they pay to their students. They are very generous teachers and give personal attention to each and every one of their students.


Simona and Hernan’s have mesmerized audiences around Ireland with their fluid and elegant dance style, which focuses on the connection and music. They combine old and new elements into a seamless flow.

Since they started Compadrito Tango in 2004, Simona and Hernan have performed regularly at numerous dance and music events around Ireland such as the Dublin Fringe Festival, the Oxegen International Music Festival, the Olympia Theatre with Camille O’Sullivan, the Solstice Arts Centre and the National Concert Hall with Fionnula Hunt, the Ballina Arts Festival, the Rathmines and Ranelagh Arts Festivals, The Creative Quarter Festival. They have collaborated as dancers, Tango choreographers and actors in the opera Maria De Buenos Aires‘ by Astor Piazzolla staged at the Cork Opera House (artistic director: Conor Hanratty, music director: John O’Brien, contemporary choreographer: John Heginbotham)
Simona and Hernan have also choreographed and acted as main dancers in the short film “Tango in D minor” by Maurizio Usai. They have appeared on several TV shows and radio programmes and also featured in numerous local and international newspapers and magazines (view)

Simona & Hernan have founded the the International Tango Festival in Ireland, a non-profit event which is one of the most successful festivals of its kind. Hundreds of people join every year from Ireland and abroad to dance Tango, experience Argentine culture and share joyful moments on the dance floor.

Watch more videos of Simona & Hernan’s dancing: International Tango Festival in Ireland TV3 Trailer ‘Two to Tango’ ; At the National Concert Hall ;   At Dublin City Hall with the Latin American Ambassadors


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